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Month news

The past months have been busy for MAM Conseil. Since the conception of our company in early February, we have worked hard to bring to our potential clients attractive offers, a process in which we partnered up with numerous entities in the Real Estate industry of Abidjan and are proud to represent  a wide variety of properties in various categories. Our goal is to offer our clients a range of choices, always at a great quality to price ratio.

In a booming Abidjan real estate market, the demand for bare land for various investment purposes is in high demand. That is why MAM Conseil is working to bring you the best of offers for bare lands both in high demand locations, as well as in new, promising areas. Head to our sales section to discover lots of attractive offers, or our highlighted real estate project Carrefour Azzuretti on the  Bassam Road, where you will be able to discover great deals on affordable housing in an up and coming area starting from 32.500.000 Fcfa for appartments and 51.000.000 Fcfa for villas delivered at plug and play principle.

We named our company Mam Conseil because we wish to be our clients go-to choice when it comes to getting professional advice in all your real estate needs. Mam Conseil helps its clients make smart and informed decisions on where to direct their investments towards , based on the factors like budget and the purpose of their investment. Be it the first home for a real estate novice or yet another purchase of an experienced investor, we are here to help. 

Do not forget you can also contact us for getting estimates and obtaining market studies in order to to get an idea for the potential of an area or obtain a property investment valuation, that will ultimately help you calculate the value of the potential investment and compare offers. 

Thank you for reading us and come back next month for more Mam Conseil news and discover new attractive offers.

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