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How to increase the attractiveness of a property?

Selling or renting out a property is no easy task. Especially since there are competing offers on the market. How can you make your property attractive to potential buyers/tenants?

This blog post will be dedicated to answering this question. Here are four (04) ways to increase the value and attractiveness of your property for an upcoming sale or rental.

  1. Make some renovations

Your potential buyers are looking for a comfortable place where they will have to make as few repairs as possible. Renovations not only make your property more attractive, they can also increase the value of the property itself. You can, for example, freshen up the paint, knock down a partition to give your space a new life, change the taps, etc. And don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops on the kitchen and bathrooms, as these are the most important rooms for new buyers.

  1. Present an impeccable space

First impressions are crucial. Therefore, your house or flat should be clean and tidy at the time of visits. This goes even beyond renovations. Indeed, you must take care of the general appearance of your home.

  1. Polish the images and advertisement

In the digital age, images play a more than essential role in showcasing a property. Quality images give potential buyers a positive impression before a visit. For example, you can hire a specialized photographer or ask your real estate agent in order to show your property in its best light. For the content of the advertisement, it should be clear and complete. People looking for a property will scan the ad for essential information, so make sure it is included.

  1. Apply an appropriate price

Sometimes, due to lack of adequate knowledge, an inappropriate price is applied. As a landlord, you may have a tendency to set the price subjectively to a certain extent. Your emotional attachment to the place and your desire to make a great profit may bias your decisions. What should you do in this case? Do not hesitate to use the services of a real estate agency to help you assess the commercial value (for rent and/or sale) of your property.

Here are some ways to make your property more attractive and give you the best chance of finding a buyer quickly and at the best price.

If you decide to call on a professional to assist you in the evaluation and enhancement of your property, contact us!

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