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Le home staging mam conseil
Le home staging mam conseil

Valorisation of housing thanks to Home Staging

The real estate market is saturated with offers as attractive as each other. In order for your property to be competitive, it must have a competitive advantage, the images you present must appeal to potential buyers. In order to optimize the sale of your property and increase its value, Home Staging has helped many owners present their properties in the best light.

This technique consists of enhancing the value of a property in order to sell it as soon as possible and at the best price through the carrying out of renovation, decoration or modernization work. It is in fact making it attractive by allowing your potential buyers to project themselves, this way you have the guarantee to seduce them practically for sure.

How can you increase the rental or sale price of your property through this technique? Here are a few tips that will allow you to present your property in its best light in order to accelerate its sale or rental.

1.Give it a dash of paint


One of the easiest and fastest techniques is to change the paint on a wall or a section of wall. Do not hesitate to add a touch of color, it will bring warmth to your space. If you want to use white, avoid « true » white because it will make the room look colder. Instead, choose off-white and its variations, which are warmer and brighter.

2.Do not neglect the toilets and hallways


We go there several times a day, which is an excellent reason to give them some attention. You can afford to be a little crazy and do something fun, daring, unexpected that will capture the attention of your visitors.

3.Multiply the lighting spots


Light, both natural and artificial, makes your home more welcoming. Do not deprive your property of it! In addition to the central light of the room, add desk lamps, table lamps, reading lights, etc. You can also place some ambient lighting, string lights or other light sources with low intensity but great aesthetic. For the most courageous, you can replace your windows or doors with large bay windows that let daylight in more easily.



If you have a bit of a creative mind and like small handicrafts, you can decide to customize some furniture, change the flooring or wallpaper yourself. Besides, the latter is a great way for amateurs to change the image of a room without too much effort. In addition, there is plenty of DIY (Do It Yourself) content online to allow you to change the look of your home at a lower cost and with original results.

5.Vary the styles, colors (but not too much)


If you decide to go with a vintage, bohemian, modern, etc. style, try to incorporate furniture or colors that contrast with that style. For example, a coffee table that is a little rustic in a modern decor is much better highlighted and attracts more attention. The same goes for colors, limit yourself to three (03) colors per room if possible to keep the harmony and coherence of your decoration.

6.Collaborate with local craftsmen for atypical pieces


Côte d’Ivoire is full of very talented craftsmen who are able to make beautiful personalized pieces that will bring a different touch to your home. Decorative elements, wooden furniture of ethnic inspiration or furniture made with unconventional, recycled materials (ottomans made from tires, tables made from pallets, etc.) are welcome.

7.Call on professionals


To facilitate all this process, you can call on interior designers or Home Stagers to help you with all these changes. They will be able to guide you in your different choices and help you in their implementation, even if it will certainly cost you more than doing it yourself.

8.Pay attention to details and finishes


Every detail counts. Whichever method you decide to use, pay close attention to the details and finishes as these can tip the scales in your favor.


Finally, remember that to succeed in your Home Staging, one must feel at home. All these tips should help you increase your chances with potential buyers or tenants.

If you need help, we will be happy to assist you in enhancing the value of your property through Home Staging, both in terms of advice and execution, in order to increase the attractiveness of your property and entice potential buyers into imagining your place in its best light.

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