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Tenant, how should you choose your neighborhood ?

Picking a place to live is an important decision that deserves special attention because it will have a definite impact on your quality of life. In this article, we will explain how to guide your choice and give you useful details about some Abidjanese neighborhoods so that you know which one best suits you.


What criteria should be considered?

  • Proximity

Knowing that Abidjan has particularly congested road traffic during peak hours, prefer a place that is close to your place of work or that is easily accessible in order to facilitate your daily commute.


  • Housing type

Are you looking for an apartment or a villa? What amenities do you want in your home (security, elevator, swimming pool, garden, etc.)? List the criteria you don’t want to miss and those you’re willing to revisit, so you’ll allow a little flexibility without sacrificing. Based on these criteria, your real estate agent will know more precisely where to focus his research.


  • The environment

Do you like being in the heart of the city, in the animation and movement? Or, on the contrary, do you like quiet neighborhoods and doing your daily walk in an environment far from traffic? Asking yourself about your lifestyle and what you need to be fulfilled every day is essential to choosing your neighborhood.

Indeed, everything is a question of personality and family situation!


  • Your budget

Essential point for any research: your budget! Any real estate agent will ask you this question before starting his research. With an idea of your budget, the agent will tell you which neighborhood to go to. The ideal rental budget is one that does not exceed one-third of your household income. However, childless homes can sometimes afford to spend up to half of their income without being in trouble.


Some neighborhoods of the city

  • Zone 4

Access: Very accessible area, close to the three bridges of the city, between the airport and the business center (Plateau), concentrates most of the bars and restaurants of the city.

Typology: Some old houses and many new or recent apartments.

Environment: High density area, few green spaces, heavy traffic at all hours of the day.

Budget: This is the most expensive area in the city. $$$


  • Riviera III and IV, Golf, M’badon and M’Pouto

Access: Near the Henri Konan Bédié Bridge and close to the French and American schools

Typology: Mainly villas, some apartment buildings of good standing.

Environment: Residential area with large green spaces and parks, few neighborhoods bordering the lagoon.

Budget: Medium to high budget $$


  • Cocody Danga

Access: Close to the lagoon boulevard and the bay of Cocody, but also to the Hotel Ivoire. Danga remains very accessible and quite central.

Typology: There are mainly luxury villas and apartments.

Environment: Residential area rather wooded but few common green spaces (parks). Some quality shops, restaurants and gyms.

Budget: Danga is a popular neighborhood for wealthy families and therefore concentrates high-rent properties. $$$


  • Angré 7th and 8th slice

Access: An area that is quite distant from the main access roads and therefore subject to heavy traffic at peak hours. More and more shops and restaurants settle there.

Typology: Angré 7ème tranche offers mainly large, high-end villas in residential areas while 8ième tranche offers more modest villas in suburbs and medium-high-end apartments.

Environment: These rather recent neighborhoods are still in full evolution but we can see that green spaces are thought in residences rather than outdoors. Some restaurants are established there but these two neighborhoods remain relatively quiet.

Budget: Medium to high $$


  • Other neighborhoods are on the rise :

On the Bassam road, with the new highway, many real estate development projects are evolving there and offer housing relatively close to Abidjan for affordable budgets. $

Bingerville Road, like Bassam, Bingerville is increasingly accessible thanks to the new roads that are opening. We will therefore find the neighborhoods of Abatta, Faya, Feh Kesse, which make it possible to find affordable housing (apartments of medium standing and small villas). $


You are ready to carry out your search ! Contact a MAM Conseil agent right away to offer you professional, complete and personalized support in the search for your accommodation!


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