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Investissement immobilier MAM Conseil
Investissement immobilier MAM Conseil

How to make a smart investment decision ?

You have come to the point in your life where you’ve secured a certain amount that you are now ready to invest. The question is, what are the best investment opportunities you can invest your hard earned money into in Cote d’Ivoire? 99% of ivorians agree that real estate is one of the safest forms of investment. With the deficit of real estate units and a rapidly growing urbanization, your real estate indeed is a safe investment into your future and the future of your children. When it comes to real estate, Mam Conseil is a proud partner of many investors looking to invest as little as 10 000 000 FCFA. In this blog article, we will bring you through our process, in order to make you understand how our investment advisory services work in practice. So, here are the different steps of the process and a few options you can consider.

1.The process on how to make the best investment

Initial consultation to understand the client situation and needs

Before anything else, we identify, in collaboration with our clients, what their budget, goals and expectations are. What prior investments they have made, what  type of investments are they looking to make right now. We have to know exactly where they stand so we can help them get where they want to go.

Determining the type of investment – for living or for renting out/selling

Once we know the clients and their current situation, we can start understanding what their main motivations are. Do they want a property they can live in with their family ? Are they looking to investin in land or properties to rent or sell and have a form of passive income over time? Why are they investing in real estate goods exactly ?

These questions have to be answered because a lack of clarity on purpose may lead to unexpected results.

Simulating the profits

Real estate investment, as any other investment, has to be thoroughly worked through. As real estate professionals with deep knowledge of the market, we now put our advisors hat on and work through various options and financial simulations with the client, in order to clearly define what are we going to focus our efforts on. Sometimes in this process, we may advise our clients against their initial ideas and propose alternative ideas, with a goal of making them the best returns on of their investment.

When looking into specific areas, how is the area expected to evolve over the investment period ? Real estate properties’ value changes over time. We study the actual tendencies of the market properly and anticipate the direction they will take in the future taking into account the different situations, events, that may occur and have an impact on the area in the following years. This way, the investor is fully aware of what to expect in the future and can decide if that suits them.

Once we went through various options and agreed on the area and the type of property we are looking for, we can start looking for different investment options in their budget that will yield the best results over time.

Finding the right opportunities

We now put back our agent hat on and start searching for the ideal opportunities for our clients. In collaboration with many of our esteemed partners on the ground, we spend time searching for the right opportunity and go over various options with client along the way. Sometimes it may happen that we already have your ideal investment opportunity in our portfolio. Whichever it is, no amount is too small to start thinking about investing in real estate and build yourself financial alternatives to help you arrive to your long-term goals.

Did this article help you ? We sure hope it did and that you will think of Mam Conseil when you are ready to invest in real-estate and are looking for the right option.

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